Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wedding 4 of 4

Last but not least, we had Brody & Amber's wedding back home in Central Illinois. The ceremony was in Tremont (Amber's hometown) and the reception was in Morton at the Ashland House. The Bernshausens were our neighbors until I was in 6th grade and have been family friends since before I was born. Brody is like my little brother, so seeing him up there getting married made me feel old but so happy! Bree, Amber, and I used to make up a lot of dances, play house, restaurant, and of course barbies. Poor Brody would always want to be a part of what ever we were doing and therefore, participated in many of our dances. Everyone at this wedding had a blast! I danced and danced and danced....even Adam danced. Us girls were even able to perform one of our favorite dance routines (yes, there was also lots of drinking) and Brody was ablel to join along :) He and Amber are like Adam and I - the guys are Cub fans and the girls are Cards fans. The DJ played Go Cubs Go which is like nails on a chalkboard to me and most Cardinals fans, but was one of the most fun songs of the night. Congrats to Brody and Amber and best wishes on long and happy life together!

Family Photo (minus Ian and Earl)

Wedding Party Dance (if you look hard Ian & Trevor are dancing)


I feel so short and I was even wearing my highest heels!

Lots of Dancing by all
I caught them both being thirsty :)

Our last 2009 wedding

Life-long Friends

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedding 3 of 4

Our next wedding adventure was to the Nation's Capitol! We both love DC and always say that we could live there...especially when we are there walking around. We flew on Friday and took the Metro from the airport. On Saturday morning, Leah came downtown and we finally made it around the Republican party march that was going on near the Capitol. We ate breakfast at a quaint little diner type place in East Capitol and then walked around Eastern Market. People set-up tents and sell jewelry, art, fruite, veggies, etc. I had gone there with Leah a few years back and had to go back. Of course, I didn't buy anything...just looked. The wedding was at 6 and black tie optional, so we got all snazzed up and headed out on the town. It was held at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium which is on Constitution Ave. and right in the heart of government buildings. The groom is a good friend of Adam's from law school. He is from the DC area. The whole evening was so gorgeous! It was definitely the fanciest wedding I'd been to. I loved how grand everything was. Ken (the groom) clerked for a federal judge on the DC circuit this past year and so the judge performed the ceremony. When it came time for him to pronounce them husband and wife...he got to say the laws of the United States of America rather than like by the State of Illinois. The band was amazing and performed an acoustic set during dinner. Supposedly one of them was on American Idol. They also performed both Boom Boom Pow and I Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas and well! Adam enjoyed seeing U of C friends he hadn't for awhile. I have to share pics since it was so un-believable! Enjoy....Rhandi

Andrew Mellon Auditorium

Cocktail Hour

Our Table

The Room

Dance Floor

Congrats to the Merber's

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding 2 of 4

Our 2nd wedding required the longest travel - Orange County, California. We squeezed in the trip in about 36 hours. Our flight out was at 6:30 AM on Saturday and our flight back was 4:30 on Sunday. Even though we were there a short time, we made it to the beach, enjoyed a BBQ at the bride's parents house, and of course attended the wedding. Mike, the Groom, is a law school classmate of Adam's and he was an usher at our wedding. Shelby, the bride, is also a U of C law student. Southern California was ridiculously 100 degrees! It was a worth the trip though. Congrats to Michael & Shelby McMahon :)

Hanging out at Newport Beach.....I even went swimming in the ocean because it was SO HOT! I usually hate going in the ocean.

The Groom, Mike, waiting for his bride.

Here comes the Bride!

Brian, Mike, Adam, and Me

The Bride and Groom

Wedding 1 of 4

It is wedding season for the Weinstocks! We kicked it off with a trip down to Cham-bana for the Heppe/Wynne wedding. My friend, Leah, got married on August 22nd. I was so excited to be her Matron of Honor. The wedding was in Champaign since Leah grew up in Homer, IL. Everything went off without a hitch except for me forgetting Terry's ring. I realized while the Pastor was giving his sermon that I did not have it with me. I would give anything to see my face when I realized it was way back in the room where we had gotten dressed. Luckily, Leah's mom sensed something was up and was able to read my lips that I didn't have the ring. Leah's Aunt came to the rescue and hurried back to the room while the Pastor kept on talking. She brought it to the junior bridesmaid and then we did the baton pass up to me. A few minutes later it was time for the exchange of rings....whew! How could I forget my one job? I must have been stressing about my speech. The reception was at the Alumni center on campus which was gorgeous. I can't wait to see the pictures! I will share a few that I took. Leah and Terry went to Greece and Paris for their honeymoon!!!! Thanks for checking in :)

Getting pretty!

I did do one job - I gave Terry Leah's ring!!

In the Limo

Me and the beautiful bride :)

Opening Gifts!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Photos!!!!

Here is the link to our online wedding photo album! It is going to be very hard to select the ones for our album. I suggest watching the slideshow!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Crazy Summer!

At some point I know my life is going to slow down, but at this point it is hard for me to imagine. We've sort of bounced from wedding craziness TO the most wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii TO finding our new condo TO moving out of our condo TO moving into Adam's parents house in Northbrook.....I could go on. It has been one crazy summer so far, but we've enjoyed spending time with family and friends along the way. I am still getting our Hawaii pictures ready - there are a lot! So, in the meantime I figured I would say hi so people know I haven't forgotten how to blog and also post some photos I've taken so far this summer. Enjoy!
I should be posting a link to our wedding photos anytime now....stay tuned!

Our little doggie in the window - Taylor (looking at the camera)

My co-worker, Erica, got engaged! I had to post this picture because I was so excited to go to the beach in Chicago because I was actually tan from wedding/Hawaii and usually I am the whitest girl there. My tan dreams were crushed when I saw this picture....maybe next year!

Ian playing Senior Legion. This was in Wisconsin and also the night we reached a deal on our new place!

My dear friend, Leah, is getting married August 22nd in Champaign. I get to be her Matron of Honor! We had her bridal shower at the cutest Bed & Breakfast in Champaign.

Ready for the Movers!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Savannah Jean Mayhew

It's a Girl!! Savannah Jean Mayhew was born yesterday (May 11th) at 10:48 AM weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. and was 21 inches long. Both Mom and baby are doing well. Not sure about Cousin MaryBeth, who is dealing with Savannah's big sister and big brother all week :) Here is my new niece's first photo!

Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Snapshots of the Past

I have been getting photos ready for the "wedding slide show" and have come across some dandy's. Thought I would share some favs. My family definitely has our favorites from over the years. It is less than two weeks that I head down to Manito for the wedding! Time is flying. Thanks for checking in.


Me & "Buddy" aka Nick

3rd Grade Cinderella Play - Cinderella & Lucifer

Senior Year Prom

Class of 98

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Showered with Gifts

The wedding events have officially kicked off! Saturday the 4th was my Bridal shower in Manito. Willett's winery was the perfect place for a shower and they even helped out with the centerpieces (you'll see below - our picture is on the wine bottle label)! It was such a great day filled with family, friends, love, and of course gifts. Adam's Mom and his Aunt Mindy made the trip down from Chicago so it was nice for them to meet & mingle with my family and friends. My favorite gift of the day was a scrapbook that my sister, Amber, made for me. It has photos of both Adam and I from when we were little up to the wedding. She put so much love and time into it...I of course cried when I saw it (again, see below). A huge thank you to Amber, Bree, Lindsay, my Mom, and MaryBeth for all the planning and hard work they put into it. Stay tuned for more wedding events...this weekend - Bachelorette :)

Lindsay & Me

See? Tears....this could be a tearful month and a half :)

Bride & Groom with the Moms

Adam and the Girls (we missed you, Leah)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have been a blog-rastinator! I spend my spare minutes checking for updates on other blogs rather than update my own. Happy New Year! 2009 is going to be an exciting year in my world. With January almost over, I realize time is flying by and May will be here before I know it. Wedding plans are in full swing and appreciate all the help and support from family and friends (and of course Adam). The Mayhew family has a new addition on the way which makes for an even more exciting spring!! Thanks for checking in and I will do my best to update more often. Here are pictures from Christmas, NYE, etc. Enjoy :)

Darren had a lot of fun at X-mas this year!

He loves his trains and his PaPa (guess that makes sense!)

Taylor is all Girl!

I turned 29 since my last post...yikes! (out celebrating)

The Mark's and Dave came to help celebrate (Adam is in there too)

Happy New Year!
With my girls :)

We got new granite countertops in our kitchen! Getting ready to put up for sale :)

That's all for now!