Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding 1 of 4

It is wedding season for the Weinstocks! We kicked it off with a trip down to Cham-bana for the Heppe/Wynne wedding. My friend, Leah, got married on August 22nd. I was so excited to be her Matron of Honor. The wedding was in Champaign since Leah grew up in Homer, IL. Everything went off without a hitch except for me forgetting Terry's ring. I realized while the Pastor was giving his sermon that I did not have it with me. I would give anything to see my face when I realized it was way back in the room where we had gotten dressed. Luckily, Leah's mom sensed something was up and was able to read my lips that I didn't have the ring. Leah's Aunt came to the rescue and hurried back to the room while the Pastor kept on talking. She brought it to the junior bridesmaid and then we did the baton pass up to me. A few minutes later it was time for the exchange of rings....whew! How could I forget my one job? I must have been stressing about my speech. The reception was at the Alumni center on campus which was gorgeous. I can't wait to see the pictures! I will share a few that I took. Leah and Terry went to Greece and Paris for their honeymoon!!!! Thanks for checking in :)

Getting pretty!

I did do one job - I gave Terry Leah's ring!!

In the Limo

Me and the beautiful bride :)

Opening Gifts!

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