Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Photos!!!!

Here is the link to our online wedding photo album! It is going to be very hard to select the ones for our album. I suggest watching the slideshow!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Crazy Summer!

At some point I know my life is going to slow down, but at this point it is hard for me to imagine. We've sort of bounced from wedding craziness TO the most wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii TO finding our new condo TO moving out of our condo TO moving into Adam's parents house in Northbrook.....I could go on. It has been one crazy summer so far, but we've enjoyed spending time with family and friends along the way. I am still getting our Hawaii pictures ready - there are a lot! So, in the meantime I figured I would say hi so people know I haven't forgotten how to blog and also post some photos I've taken so far this summer. Enjoy!
I should be posting a link to our wedding photos anytime now....stay tuned!

Our little doggie in the window - Taylor (looking at the camera)

My co-worker, Erica, got engaged! I had to post this picture because I was so excited to go to the beach in Chicago because I was actually tan from wedding/Hawaii and usually I am the whitest girl there. My tan dreams were crushed when I saw this picture....maybe next year!

Ian playing Senior Legion. This was in Wisconsin and also the night we reached a deal on our new place!

My dear friend, Leah, is getting married August 22nd in Champaign. I get to be her Matron of Honor! We had her bridal shower at the cutest Bed & Breakfast in Champaign.

Ready for the Movers!