Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mind the Gap

Since Adam had the month of August off, we had planned on going on a vacation. I had the time off from work, but as August approached we never found the time to plan anything! I did have a trip to DC with my mom and Ian planned for a few days. With two days before I left for DC, Adam and I booked a trip to London! He met me in DC and we flew into Heathrow on a Saturday and came back on Wednesday, so it was a short but sweet vacation :) I have so many pictures but I will post some of my favs. The weather held out and even though it looks stormy in some we never had to use an umbrella. It was the first trip to Europe for both of us. London was a great city and by the time we left, it felt very comfortable. I was even getting the accent down. We rode the Underground (tube) a lot and so my brain is still repeating the recording "Please mind the gap between the train and the platform".
Prior to London, our days in Washington DC were lots of fun. We did some sightseeing and got in some good visiting time with Mr. Burns.

Jim, Ian, and my mom at the Lincoln Memorial

Ian found a friend ;)

Adam, me, and the London Eye

We were resting on the grass at Buckingham Palace

We had afternoon tea at Kensington Palace

We had to check out the All England Tennis Club (Wimbledon)

London Bridge

We spent plenty of time in Pubs so I have to include this one!

Thanks for checking in!